We live in the phase of technology where every one of us holds multiple gadgets and other electronic items. Have you ever considered what you would do if surges caused damage to your irreplaceable electronic equipment? No, right! Now is the time to take precautions before it is too late.

Fluctuations in power are very common in all areas. Surges are frequent due to a variety of factors such as power failures, changes in the voltage (high and low), and electrical wire defects, and a few more. Using the best surge protector can protect your equipment and block most types of power spikes. It's as if you have added an extra layer to keep your electronics safe and protected.

There are hundreds of choices in the market but deciding which is the best might be challenging. After all my findings the one I preferred to purchase is the Belkin 6 Socket Surge Protector. It is quite handy and costs about 1,499 INR. However, prices change often, so keep tabs on them before making a purchase. Being said that prices have also dropped to Rs.699, but any amount under Rs.1000 is a good deal.

Is Belkin's 6 Socket Surge Protector a Good Choice? Let us have a look.

Designs and Functions

The best surge protector, Belkin 6 universal socket is among the best options for all devices. The grey finish on this long socket gives it a simple and elegant touch. This gadget is more convenient and easier to use. There are two keyholes on the back for mounting on the wall, but no screws are included with the product. The quality of the material is decent compared to its pricing.

This device has one socket placed after the other. There is sufficient space between each socket to accommodate large adaptors without taking up another socket's space. I was able to easily fit my DTH next to the Apple laptop charger. It works with any plug and fits snugly. When you mount or keep it abruptly near the table, you will not have to worry about your plugs falling out very often. Unfortunately, no USB ports are included.

It has a red switch on the right that can be used to reset or turn it off. This LED indicator will show you whether the socket is in use or not. There are no specific switches for each socket, though. When you turn on your computer, all the connected gadgets will automatically turn on. The device has an extremely fast response time (less than a nanosecond). I currently have my laptop charger, two phone chargers, and DTH connected, and everything is functioning perfectly. The LED indicator was also a bit loose and had the chance to fall out at any point (as I use it on regular basis). If you only need to connect a few devices, a four-socket point would enough.

Specifications and Warranty

The Belkin surge protector is made to keep your large electrical equipment safe. It has a 3-line protection system for all 6 sockets to ground AC power, allowing any type of plug to be used. This socket has a 450-joule power rating and can hold around 13000 amps. This equipment system comes with a maximum of 1500 Walts. It includes a 2m heavy cable wire with a compact 3 pin plug that fits easily into sockets to carry the power. However, due to its short length, a surge protector should be placed near a closed socket to avoid any difficulties.

One of the reasons I prefer branded surge protectors is that they come with a warranty. This item comes with a 5-year limited warranty. If your gadget is damaged due to a surge, you can get it replaced. Purchasing a surge protector ensures that your electronics are protected from any power fluctuations. If the socket is unable to secure your gadgets in any way, damage coverage of Rs.20,000 for connected equipment is provided (considering their terms and conditions).

Would I Recommend Belkin 6 Socket Surge Protector?

Yes, this is the most compatible tool for protecting them against power fluctuations in your area. It is an excellent alternative for anybody searching for a good-quality surge protector at a reasonable price. They also provide coverage for any of the linked equipment up to Rs.20,000. Although the procedure of claiming the warranty is too lengthy and time-consuming. 

This device is ideal for laptops, speakers, home theatres, network devices, tablets, phones, gaming accessories, DTH, and other similar products. However, do not overload the board; it will not be able to protect your electronics from any unexpected surges if it's overloaded.

There is also 8 socket surge protectors available for increased loading capacity and the ability to connect more devices. It is also more compact than the 6-socket protector in terms of its design. It also includes three and four-socket surge protectors, which are perfect for connecting fewer devices or for traveling purposes.

To Sum up, the Belkin 6 Socket Surge Protector is the best value for money.​​