This residential apartment at Kanakapura rd. Bangalore is designed for a South Indian elderly couple. The co-owners Mrs Shruthi Manas and Mr Karthik Gopalakrishna reside in the U.S and wanted to gift a beautiful adobe to their parents living in Bangalore and D'Galleria (architecture+ interiors) happened to be the perfect choice. They strived to design a cosy yet functional home for their parents. 

Project Details: The floor space is about 1940 sq. Ft consists of 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms along with a foyer, living-dining space, a spacious kitchen and a designated utility area.

The basic theme of “form follows function” is taken into consideration when conceptualising a senior-friendly home. The team focused on designing a functional, easy to maintain, and aesthetically appealing home ensuring a comfortable lifestyle for the couple.


Featuring a warm traditional touch, the entrance wall reflects the style and taste of the homeowner. 

The first thing you would walk into is a beautiful yellow wall with a combination of white, brass and wood to brighten up space. To add a traditional South Indian touch, the design was inspired to have a rangoli motif painted at the entrance wall. The hanging brass lamp, cool lighting, and classic low seating wooden bench with tile art inlay design are the add ons to set up a traditional yet chic vibe right from the entrance.


Moving ahead is the kitchen making a statement in itself. Considering the proximity of the kitchen in correlation with the foyer area and the rest of the dining area, the design of this particular space has been crucial. 

The kitchen has been designed using a fusion of colours- both contemporary ( glossy grey) and ethnic touch ( patterned wood) and beautiful self-design dado tiles have been added in the mix along with the silver-grey countertop to manifest an elegant and functional space. 

For better convenience, the kitchen has been equipped with multiple user-friendly elements including the hob, under counter water purifier, sturdy stainless steel handles, frosted glass shutters with under cabinet lighting ensuring a well-lit kitchen suiting the needs of the owner. 

Pooja Room

With no dedicated puja room space and since it was an essential part of the owner’s lifestyle, a space adjacent to the kitchen has been designed in a way to not disturb the flow of the house. The beautifully crafted semi-see-through (CNC design) partition is an iconic design demarcating the pooja room from the dining room adding a functional and aesthetic element while ensuring an effective visual barrier for privacy. 

Made of wood, this home temple has storage cabinets to place necessities and an easy-to-use push and pull stool for pooja and tidying up work, allowing the elderly to avoid standing while saving space by eliminating the usage of bulky looking chairs. 

Living Space

The visually pleasing foyer opens up to the prodigious dining-living space. The well-crafted storage rack, kitchen entrance and dining-puja partition are the three supporting elements for the walkway to spice up the combination of textures, colours and patterns. As a contrast to a bunch of elements at the entrance space and to retain the spaciousness,  minimal fixed furniture is been proposed – an entertainment console and a crockery unit with a display in the main space. 

White walls and warm white lights give it a cosy effect making the space comfortable for the couple to spend quality time watching their favourite TV shows and not to miss the balcony space featuring a traditional wooden and brass swing to enjoy the breath-taking sunsets while sipping coffee.

Master Bedroom

To make the room appear spacious and to choose a  comfortable yet appealing colour, the combination of glossy white and glossy dark brown was chosen. 

A huge wall has been dedicated to the wardrobe space. However, the idea behind the wall is to create an interesting multi-purpose element combining the wardrobe+ general storage+ tv unit+ display shelves+ book shelf+ drawers for essentials. The concept of cubism with an asymmetrical pattern of colours makes this fixed piece of furniture the centre of attraction of the bedroom.

The classic and functional mirror unit designed with the wood and gold-based concept renders a sophisticated look to the master bed.

Guest Room

To break the monotony of the space and the play of brown and gold, the guest room sports a wardrobe in a light-coloured wooden finish in a contrast combination with solid teal-coloured walls combined with white. The beautiful open shelves corner design at one side of the room makes it look classy and approachable.

D'Galleria – Architecture & Interiors 

D’Galleria is a Bangalore based studio that caters to both architectural and interior design projects. Established in the year 2006 by a team of two young and enthusiastic architects, Amulya Shetty Hegde & Maithili Kulkami aspire to create functional and sustainable spaces through their experience accumulated over the years.

“At D'Galleria, we take pride in providing personalized and complete service to our clients-starting with innovative design concepts developed to a level of thorough and minute detailing to meticulous supervision of work execution on site.

We, as a team, are committed to providing our clients with the dream home reflecting their taste and persona in combination with an aesthetically functional space."