Let me bust a myth for you!! Home theatres aren’t only for those living in luxurious apartments.

Have an unused room? If yes, enough of using that unused room as storage space, it’s time to transform it into something more productive. Since you have an additional room, you already meet the first half requirements of having a home theatre and for the rest, I’ve got you covered.

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of the must-haves home theatre’s essentials for a fascinating movie watching experience.


How would you like to enjoy watching movies? Over the modern LED oversized television or the old school projector screen? Make a choice based on your preferences, but you also need to consider the space factor besides your personal preference. With a spacious room, you can go for a projector screen for a cinematic experience. However, if you're falling short of space, then television wouldn't disappoint you.  

Recommended: Samsung 55 inches 4K Series Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Surround sound speakers

Great visual alone is as meaningless as a phone without a charger. For a cinematic experience, great visuals must be complemented with excellent audio quality. Whether 3,4 or 5, the size of the room will tell you the number of speakers that you will need.

Recommended: Sony Dolby Atmos Surround Speakers

AV Receiver

AV receiver is the central hub of your home theatre. From decoding audio and video signals and then transmitting the information with maximum accuracy to your TV or projector and speakers, the AV receiver works towards offering you crystal clear video with high-quality audio. 

Recommended: Denon Ultra HD AV Receiver with Bluetooth 

HDMI cables

You have got all of the gadgets, but how do you plan to get the system to work without the appropriate cables? To connect your video input or AVR to your TV, make sure to buy a high-quality, sturdy HDMI cable. 

Recommended: Tizum High Speed HDMI Cable

Sofa seating

You can't truly enjoy watching movies if the seats aren't comfortable. For utmost comfort, modular cinema seating is a great choice. It will provide you with the same sensations as if you were in a movie theatre. With the foot rest feature, you can and relax well. 

Recommended: Interio Canape 1 Seater Recliner Sofa Seating

Media Device

OTT platforms have been in hype for every right reason. Apps like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube can provide you with endless options to binge watch either 80's movies or the current Money Heist season. This one is definitely worthy of your investment.

 Recommended: Amazon's Fire Stick


If there’s too much natural or artificial light coming into the room, you can’t enjoy the same great picture quality. That’s why installing black-out curtain or shades is necessary. Plus, curtains can be aesthetically pleasing, inculcating the intensity of watching the movies. 

Recommended: GS Traders™ Blackout Curtains

Sound-proofing panels

In order to not to compromise with the explosions and sweeping soundtracks of your favorite movies whilst being considerate towards not disturbing the rest of your family install sound-dampening materials in your walls, ceilings and floors can be a perfect solution. 

Recommended: HEALLILY 1 Set 8Pcs Soundproofing Panels 

Wall posters

What would a home theatre be without some of your favorite movie posters on the walls? From Sholay to Avengers, walking into a room full of movie posters hanging over the wall will immerse you into the theatre like feels. 

Recommended: exciting Lives Sholay Movie Poster

Personalized extras

For a personalized vibe, add on something that brings joy to you. Do you enjoy late-night binge-watching? Get wireless headphones to avoid disrupting your family's good night sleep. Want to host fun, music-filled parties? Then grab that karaoke machine! Love gaming? Install some gaming consoles and play your favorite games on the big screen with incredible surround sound effects. 

Recommended: boAt Rockerz 550 Over-Ear Wireless Headphone


Since home theatre can be an multi-purpose entertainment area, the lighting factor cannot be neglected. Bright lights during gaming and blackout during the movie watching, versatility is the key. With dimmable lights installed you will have complete control over the lights based on the time of the day, purpose and mood. 

Recommended: QAWACHH Dimmable Ceiling Light+Fan

Universal remote

With multiple high tech gadgets and streaming devices, getting your home theatre set for a movie can be a hassle. Instead of fumbling around with multiple remote controllers to switch everything on, a Universal Remote can connect all of your devices and allow you to operate everything from a single device. 

Recommended: Logitech Harmony Universal Remote 

Film Shelf Storage

Dedicate a small corner of your home theatre to place a storage shelf rack unit, so that you can flaunt your collection of movies, special edition boxsets, collectors' editions, and more. 

Recommended: Home Centre 3 Tier Storage Cabinet

​Surge protector

In a room full of gadgets, electrical surges can be your worst nightmare. To protect your home theatre system and other gadgets, use surge protectors. It is a reliable, inexpensive technique and also, you will have the convenience of having a single spot to plug in all of your devices. 

Recommended: Belkin Essential Series 6- Universal Surge Protector 

And it's done, with the all the above listed items in your room you will have a perfect set-up for a theatre like movie watching experience. Hope, you liked the items that have been recommended. 

Thank You. Have a great day ahead!!