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Comes with a scanner

Replacement ink cartridges can be expensive

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Almost all of us have made the mistake of forgetting to take printouts at some point. Having a printer at home is a lifesaver to everybody. It is one of the most essential tools to have at home, whether you are a student or a professional. You won't have to rush when your children tell you about last-minute projects or when you miss making a copy of an important document.

There are a variety of choices present in the market. However, if you need an all-in-one printer, the HP Deskjet 2331 is a good option. This gadget is ideal for use at home or in a small workplace. You may use it to copy, scan, and print. You can obtain high-quality black-and-white and color prints. 

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Design and Build



Final Words

Design and Build

The HP Deskjet 2331 is a color multifunction printer that can handle all of your scanning and copying needs. It has a simple and elegant design that is available in a white-purple color. The design is quite similar to HP's other Deskjet 2000 series printers. The white color printer is quite comforting to the eyes but be careful and maintain it well.

It is a compact size (47.5 x 19.1 x 35.4 cm), making it simple to fit into any area of your home or business. It's also lightweight and convenient to carry everywhere.

It has easy to use control panel in its top left. There are 5 physical buttons, the first one to cancel, resume, mono copy, color copy, and power button. It has two trays: an input tray that can hold up to 60 pages and an output tray that can hold up to 25 pages. It does have a white flatbed scanner with a sleek design on the top. The printer has two connectors on the back: a power port on the bottom and a high-speed 2.0 USB port on the left. However, they do not have a Bluetooth connection.


This gadget is simple to use and does not need much technical knowledge. All your must do is, download the hp smart to your PC, connect the USB port to your PC and start printing. The HP Smart App makes it simple to download the software. Almost every gadget is compatible with this gadget. You may also connect to compatible smartphones using an OTG cable, however, this requires the use of the HP Smart App.

Once everything is done, placing an ink cartridge is the next significant stage. This is a device that supports inject printing technology. With the box, you'll find two types of ink cartridges: an HP 805 black cartridge and an HP 805 tri-color cartridge. Place them in the printer as per the instructions in the catalog you have received. Moreover, there must be no scratches on the top of the cartridge because it acts as a processor. If there are any scratches or any kind of damage, it may not respond to any prints. For more vivid colors and better results, use original ink. Also, HP 805 replacement cartridges are kind of pricey, where each cartridge only yields about 60 to 70 prints. Overall, the prints are of high quality.


If you have any emergency projects or assignments to complete, this printer can be your savior. Using this printer, y You can print all of your documents or sheets in a variety of sizes, including A4, A6, B5, and DL envelopes. You may easily adjust the size of the sheets in the output tray.

Printing options with this device are very simple, with just a few simple steps to follow. Set up your device > go to any file or pick any photo > go to print options > select the printer HP Deskjet 2331 > pick the size sheet > alter the details according to your requirements > and PRINT. I could easily print 5-6 A4-sized black sheets and 3-4 color pages per minute. I loved the printing resolution; it's fairly impressive for a printer in this price range. Color printouts have a maximum resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi, while B/W printouts have a maximum resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi.

The HP Deskjet 2331 is the best high-resolution scanner that can scan any of your documents or pictures at a maximum resolution of 1200x 1200 dpi. Any scanned document may be saved in a variety of formats, including PNG, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and BMP. It took me a little longer than printing to complete.

With all of the features, you must also consider the printing costs. For black and color printouts, this printer would cost you roughly Rs.6. If you have a lot of prints to make, it might be pricey. If you have a moderate number of copies to make in little time, then this printer can be your best choice.

Final Words

Yes, the HP Deskjet 2331 is the greatest all-in-one printer and scanner for all of your printing and scanning needs. This color printer is reasonably priced when compared to its features. It is easily available on a variety of online platforms, so keep an eye on pricing before purchasing. Nonetheless, I purchased this item at a discounted rate of Rs.2700. While its design and technology are excellent, prints might be costly due to ink. For instance, one replacement original black cartridge can cost around Rs.750 which can yield around 60 prints. As a result, one black page might cost nearly Rs.12.5. Instead, you may easily obtain lower-cost prints from a store.

If you only need a few printouts at home or the workplace, this printer is a good option. However, if you have bundles of prints to make, then this printer is probably not the best one to buy.

Overall, HP Deskjet 2331 is the ideal choice for home and office use for occasional purposes.