Let your living room be as lively as you are. Being the heart of the home, living room is that space of the house where you can create beautiful memories with your family and friends while playing games, chatting over a cup of tea or watching movies. So, you cannot go wrong when styling it.

To make sure your living room is comfortable, I’ve compiled a list of must-haves to help you design a functional, cosy and elegant looking living room. 



​Coffee table





​Sound system​




​Sofa throws​

​Wall Décor​

​Shelving unit​


​Accent Chair​



Sofa is the very first thing that you need to finalize when decorating your living room. Being one of the largest pieces of furniture in the room, a sofa can enhance the beauty of the space if chosen rightly. Ensure it blends well with the overall tone of your living room from colour, material, style and size. And most importantly, do not compromise on the comfort as you will spending most of your time sipping coffee or binge-watching Netflix on the sofa.

Coffee table

A coffee table is the next must-have for your living room. Besides complimenting the sofa and holding up your coffee, a coffee table is a lot more useful. You can place your necessities like magazines, remote controls and various other essentials to keep things within your reach. With so many sizes, shapes and finishes to choose from, look for tables that are big enough to hold coffee mugs, or your tablet, yet aren’t so large they overwhelm your living room.


Setting the right lamp for your living room is as critical as selecting the correct seating arrangement. Pick the overhead lighting that corresponds to the room height. Overhead chandelier suits high-ceilings ensuring your living room is well-lit while low-ceilings are better off with a flush mount to light up the living room.

If you’re a passionate reader, adding table lamps to the sides of your sofa is a good option as it offers targeted lighting when you want to read a book or magazine.


Plants will keep your living room alive while adding a natural element to your space. Aside from improving the air quality, plants look great with nearly any furniture. Ensure the plant that you’re buying is the kind that can live in your space. Light, temperature and humidity are things to take into consideration when purchasing a new plant. 


To add a cosy feel and a nice ambience to your living room, a soft textured makes the entire living room effortlessly warm and inviting, which you would definitely wish for. Also, you will definitely love the feeling of a soft area rug beneath the toes when walking in the living room. Find one that matches the design scheme of your room. 


Your living room is the epitome of an entertainment zone. Having a good smart TV is a must these days, especially when there are so many good shows out there (you surely don’t want to miss out on comfortably watching the shows the world is talking about). And what’s best about getting smart TV at home is that they are no longer expensive, you now have plenty of budget-friendly options available to pick from.  

Sound system

Install a good sound system to go with your TV to improve the audio quality when watching your favourite movie. You can also use it to listen to your favourite songs while enjoying your me-time or when you have friends partying over.


To block those harsh sun rays that disrupt your movie-watching experience, curtains are surely not to miss ones. Besides protecting your visual interests curtains also works for providing privacy adding warmth and texture to the room. Look for full-length curtains that can touch the floor and hang them higher and wider than the usual ones, it will create an illusion of having a larger space. Pick one with good fabric quality and an eye-catching design.


If your living room lacks the natural light area, mirrors are a great way to brighten a dark room. One sure way of beautifying your living space is by hanging a large mirror on the wall opposite the window, it reflects light and gives the illusion of making space airy, larger, brighter, and more sophisticated.


Ottoman is by far one of the most outstanding innovations. Besides sitting, the ottoman lets you hide things in the living room while serving as a footstool, snack tray, end table, the list goes on. Ottomans are a multi-purpose furniture piece that doesn't get much credit. Plus, it comes with excellent design options that could define your living room style.

Sofa throws

If you want to break the monotony of your living room, sofa throws can be an inexpensive way of adding splashes of colours. If you’re a cold person, then your living room cannot be complete without having sofa throws. Whether you’re binge-watching movies or taking a nap, sofa throws will keep you warm during rainy cold nights offering extra comfort and warmth making your time enjoyable while you’re in the living room

Wall Décor

A naked wall does nothing except killing the ambiance and making the place appear lifeless. Wall art is one of the most important elements to include when decorating a living room since it gives personality to the area. Either will do: framed pictures, paintings, or even wallpaper make a strong statement in your living room and help to bring the space together.

Shelving unit

A bookshelf unit in your living area can help you get rid of clutter. Keep books, decorative chinaware, souvenirs, and trophies in the living area that would otherwise be unfitting if placed elsewhere. With plenty of options available, depending on your needs you can go with a bookshelf, a tower shelf, or even wall-mounted storage.


The tiny looking accessory can do wonders to your living room interior. Besides offering you comfort, vibrant contrasting-coloured pillows on the sofa can contribute to the overall look of the room. Play around with size, shape, and texture along with colour. Make a statement with your themes, whether it's a print of your favourite art or family photos. Modern art, patterns, simple colours, cartoons, or even sequins might be used.

Accent Chair

When the sofa runs out of space, chairs can be a good alternative. In order to balance out the space and give additional seating, your living room should feature at least one accent chair. When positioned close to the sofa, accent chairs end up creating a cosy space for conversing with visitors. However, plan ahead when considering where you might place the chairs. You don’t want your living room to feel too cramped, but conversely, adding chairs is a great way to fill extra negative space.


Candles are an inexpensive addition that can provide a lot of warmth to a living area. They can be put on coffee tables and give elegance and warmth even if they are not lighted.  Using scented candles is a terrific way to enjoy the fragrance.​